xCHM  1.23
Class Hierarchy
This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
[detail level 12]
oCCHMFileMostly a C++ wrapper around the CHMLIB facilities. Concrete class
oCCHMListPairItemItem to store in the virtual list control
oCHHCParserFast index/contents file parser
oCwxAppWxWidgets application class
|\CCHMAppThis is the application class
|\CCHMHtmlNotebookCustom HTML notebook widget class. For tabbed viewing of a CHM file
oCwxDialogWxWidgets generic dialog class
|oCCHMFindDialogDialog for finding a word in the currently displayed page
|\CCHMFontDialogCustom font chooser dialog class
oCwxFileSystemHandlerWxWidgets virtual filesystem handler class
|\CCHMFSHandlerCHM filesystem handler class
oCwxFrameWxWidgets frame widget class
|\CCHMFrameThe frame, owner of the wxHtmlWindow, contents tree control and all the other nifty stuff
oCwxHtmlWindowWxWidgets HTML widget class
|\CCHMHtmlWindowCustom HTML widget class. Needed for sychnronization between the topics tree control and the currently displayed page
oCwxInputStreamWxWidgets input stream class
|\CCHMInputStreamInput stream from a .chm archive
oCwxListCtrlWxWidgets list control class
|\CCHMListCtrlList control class meant to emulate the look and feel of a wxListBox
oCwxNotebookWxWidgets application class
oCwxPanelGeneric wxWidgets panel widget class
|oCCHMIndexPanelCustom panel for displaying the .chm index (if available)
|\CCHMSearchPanelCustom built search panel
 \CURLTreeItemObjects of this class will be used as opaque data to be used with a tree item, so that when the user selects a tree item it will be easy to retrieve the filename associated with the item