xCHM  1.23
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CHMHtmlNotebook Class Reference

Custom HTML notebook widget class. For tabbed viewing of a CHM file. More...

#include <chmhtmlnotebook.h>

Inheritance diagram for CHMHtmlNotebook:

Public Member Functions

 CHMHtmlNotebook (wxWindow *parent, wxTreeCtrl *tc, const wxString &normalFont, const wxString &fixedFont, const int fontSize, CHMFrame *frame)
void AddHtmlView (const wxString &path, const wxString &link)
 Add a notebook tab and display the specified URL.
bool LoadPageInCurrentView (const wxString &location)
 Displays the URL in the current tab.
CHMHtmlWindowGetCurrentPage ()
 Returns the current page as a CHMHtmlWindow.
void OnChildrenTitleChanged (const wxString &title)
 Callback for when a child's title changes.
void CloseAllPagesExceptFirst ()
 Close all pages except the first one.
void SetChildrenFonts (const wxString &normal_face, const wxString &fixed_face, const int *sizes=NULL)
 Propagate font settings to the children.
void OnCloseTab (wxCommandEvent &)
 Called when user asks for a tab to close.
void OnNewTab (wxCommandEvent &event)
 Called when user ask for a new tab.
CHMHtmlWindowCreateView ()
 Creates a new tab view.
virtual bool AddPage (wxWindow *page, const wxString &title)
 Overload for tab height control.

Protected Member Functions

void OnGoToNextPage (wxCommandEvent &)
 Called when user asks for next notebook page.
void OnGoToPriorPage (wxCommandEvent &)
 Called when user asks for prior notebook page.
void OnPageChanged (wxAuiNotebookEvent &)
 Callback for the page changed wxWidgets event.

Private Attributes

wxTreeCtrl * _tcl
wxString _fonts_normal_face
wxString _fonts_fixed_face
int _fonts_sizes [7]

Detailed Description

Custom HTML notebook widget class. For tabbed viewing of a CHM file.

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