xCHM  1.23
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CHMFSHandler Class Reference

CHM filesystem handler class. More...

#include <chmfshandler.h>

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Public Member Functions

 CHMFSHandler ()
 Doesn't do anything but needs to be here because of the private copy constructor.
 ~CHMFSHandler ()
 Cleanup code. This calls CHMInputStream's Cleanup().
virtual bool CanOpen (const wxString &location)
 Checks if it can open the file passed in location. More...
virtual wxFSFile * OpenFile (wxFileSystem &fs, const wxString &location)
 Tries to open the file specified. More...

Private Member Functions

 CHMFSHandler (const CHMFSHandler &)
 No copy construction.
CHMFSHandleroperator= (const CHMFSHandler &)
 No assignment.

Detailed Description

CHM filesystem handler class.

Member Function Documentation

bool CHMFSHandler::CanOpen ( const wxString &  location)

Checks if it can open the file passed in location.

locationFile to open.
true if location is in the form "file:filename.chm#xchm:/file_inside_archive.extension", false otherwise. Does not attempt to actually open the file.
wxFSFile * CHMFSHandler::OpenFile ( wxFileSystem &  fs,
const wxString &  location 

Tries to open the file specified.

fsCurrently ignored.
A valid pointer to a wxFSFile or NULL on failure.

References CHMInputStream::GetCache(), and CHMFile::HomePage().

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