xCHM  1.23
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
oCCHMAppThis is the application class
oCCHMFileMostly a C++ wrapper around the CHMLIB facilities. Concrete class
oCCHMFindDialogDialog for finding a word in the currently displayed page
oCCHMFontDialogCustom font chooser dialog class
oCCHMFrameThe frame, owner of the wxHtmlWindow, contents tree control and all the other nifty stuff
oCCHMFSHandlerCHM filesystem handler class
oCCHMHtmlNotebookCustom HTML notebook widget class. For tabbed viewing of a CHM file
oCCHMHtmlWindowCustom HTML widget class. Needed for sychnronization between the topics tree control and the currently displayed page
oCCHMIndexPanelCustom panel for displaying the .chm index (if available)
oCCHMInputStreamInput stream from a .chm archive
oCCHMListCtrlList control class meant to emulate the look and feel of a wxListBox
oCCHMListPairItemItem to store in the virtual list control
oCCHMSearchPanelCustom built search panel
oCHHCParserFast index/contents file parser
oCURLTreeItemObjects of this class will be used as opaque data to be used with a tree item, so that when the user selects a tree item it will be easy to retrieve the filename associated with the item
oCwxAppWxWidgets application class
oCwxDialogWxWidgets generic dialog class
oCwxFileSystemHandlerWxWidgets virtual filesystem handler class
oCwxFrameWxWidgets frame widget class
oCwxHtmlWindowWxWidgets HTML widget class
oCwxInputStreamWxWidgets input stream class
oCwxListCtrlWxWidgets list control class
oCwxNotebookWxWidgets application class
\CwxPanelGeneric wxWidgets panel widget class